The constant increase of the requirements for the quality of products and the desire of manufacturers to reduce costs requires the use of modern analytical equipment, which is high-tech and one of the most difficult to maintain. The efficiency of the production process and the quality of products depend on the effective and correct operation of such equipment.

Regular maintenance of analytical instruments and systems is the key to their long and trouble-free operation. It is advisable to contact the professionals in this field.

Our service is inextricably linked with each stage of project implementation at the Customer’s enterprise: equipment acquisition, delivery, installation supervision, commissioning, and after launch technical support.

Service engineers of LLC ECOHIMPRIBOR-Service have all the necessary documents and experience for servicing analytical instruments and systems. Our employees annually do internships at enterprises manufacturing the analytical equipment.

Our service is a full complex of works, namely:
  • Setting up the equipment and related software after its installation
  • Customer’s personnel training in working with equipment
  • Verification of devices
  • Warranty service
  • Post-warranty maintenance

When concluding a service contract, we offer you the following services and privileges:

1. Ensuring reliable uninterrupted operation of equipment.

2. Minimize equipment downtime.
In case of unsatisfactory work, our service engineers will arrive at the place of operation as soon as possible. In case of impossibility of repairment at the place of operation, the service center carries out repairs at its own production base.

3. Special prices for spare parts and additional equipment.
When concluding a service contract, you receive significant discounts on the purchase of new equipment and the necessary spare parts.

4. Remote technical support of the Customer.
For any available means of communication, our customer service staff will advise the Customer on issues related to operation, the presence of equipment malfunctions and the need for repairs.